Mission Statement

Brooklyn Art Haus (BAH), is an arts organization that premiers new and innovative productions. For our artistic community, our mission is to serve as an incubator, social environment, and performance space built for the longevity and success of artists and companies that maintain high standards and take risks with their projects. Audiences will experience the best of Brooklyn art, as well as the beauty of our international community of artists and production companies. From inspiring artistic experiences, to delicious food and drink, to events and devising space, we invite you to make Brooklyn Art Haus your new home for the arts in New York City!

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Diversity & Inclusion

We celebrate the beautiful diversity of our community! Our approach to diversity and inclusion in the arts sector starts with a recognition of the need for systemic change in how artists are recruited, educated, supported, and given a seat at the table. Brooklyn Art Haus is committed to providing opportunities for those that have been affected or feel that they have been marginalized by the arts community. Our support in hiring practice, staff training, benefits, programming, and leadership roles is constantly reviewed to ensure that all members of our community have a voice and feel welcome here.

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Land Recognition

Through the many voices, backgrounds, and experiences of those living and those who have passed on in Williamsburg, nearly all of us are visitors to this land that originally belonged to the Lenape People. The Lenape People believed that all things have souls, and we recognize that we are a part of the grand scheme of life at Brooklyn Art Haus. We hope that our commitment to the spirit of our arts and community, as well as the contributions we make toward the Lenape People, help to heal the mistakes of the past as we work toward a future of prosperity for all.

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Brooklyn Art Haus was created in response to the devastation to the artistic community during COVID-19. Performance venues, rehearsal studios, and artist morale fell victim to the lack of government support and caused an existential need for better producing practices. Our journey began as a small group focused on creating community within residential spaces as salons, assembling creators of circus, cabaret, variety, theater, and music to continue the generation of the work. Drawing from our collective experience of arts and hospitality, we’ve grown this social environment and practice ground to serve as a true incubator for the arts, and a fertile ground for community engagement. We are so thrilled to share this space with you and we ask that you come and claim this space!

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